Unagi – Japanese eel

“Unagi” (Freshwater eel – うなぎ) is one of my favorite Japanese dishes. Before coming to Japan I didn’t really like any kind of eel, but the way it is prepared here and the softness of the species Anguilla japonica changed my mind. It is usually grilled with soy sauce (Kabayaki) and served on a bed of rice (Kabayaki-don).

If you have the opportunity, try it!



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Hi Hector! Love what you’re doing with this blog (mostly because I’m a geek too and derive great amusement from the content)!

Would just like to point out that what’s in that picture is actually “una-juu” (うな重). It’s a “juu” because it’s in a rectangular lacquered box. If it’s in a regular round bowl (a “donburi”, 丼) , then it’s “una-don” (うな丼). The food inside the container is really the same thing, though.

Thought you might like to know that, since you call yourself a geek. 🙂

Ahhh…unagi, what would I do without you. But I have to head over to Japan to get the really fat and fresh eel while their in season to truly experience the true flavor of eel.

I would add for anyone visiting Japan to try pretty much anything put in front of them. I had a wonderful time trying everything from eel soup to battered and deep fried fish bones. I sure do miss that island!

Yummy. I just came back from a vacation in Japan. I had fresh eel in Narita, as well as carp miso soup. It was delicious!

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Unagi is probably the food I miss most from Japan. I lived there (in Kyoto) for three years and our son was born there.

I have written quite a bit about Japan, including English language articles for Kansai Scene magazine which you can read at my website: []

I’ve lived near Barcelona for the last 4 years and will stay here. Do you miss much about Spain, Hector?

Great site, by the way. (I especially liked the pictures of sleeping people. I remember that well.)

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