Valentine's Day in Japan

Like almost everywhere in the world, Valentine’s day was celebrated two days ago in Japan; here the tradition says that girls have to give presents to boys, specially chocolate.

In a shop in Tokyo where chocolate was being sold, a curious machine was set up so that girls could use it to “telepray” in order to have good luck in their romantic relationships. The machine “transports” the user to the Jishu temple in Kyoto, a temple dedicated to the Shintoist god of love Okuninushi.

Valentine's Day in Jishu temple
Photo by Mainichi

Jishu temple is somewhat hidden behind Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto. It is dedicated to the god of love Okuninushi and legend has it that visiting it will help you find true love (according to the instructions of the machine in Tokyo, the “televisit” will provide the same results). In the center of the temple there are two “love rocks” that are 18 meters separated from each other; if you are able to walk from one rock to the other with your eyes closed it means that you will find love in the future.

My friend Albert was able to go from one love rock to the other with his eyes closed.

Jishu temple
The God of love welcomes you to the temple.

Jishu temple
Girls dressed with yukata searching for the love of their lives.

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