Walk with your virtual dog

Japanese game centers are amazing, you can find really weird machines. Look at this one:



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WTF!!! O_o And I thought that the “kancho” arcade was weird. Hector, one question. I have dual nationality (north american and spanish). Since I speak both english and spanish fluently I usually check your blog in both languages. But its surprising for me that some entries only appear in one of the available languages. I mean, shouldn’t all entries be available in both languages?
The spanish version of this blog has more visitors, so I find it strange to find entries like this one, that only are available in english.
By the way: YOUR BLOG IS AWESOME!!!! KEEP UP THIS GREAT WORK!!! (But doesn’t it take you too much time? You sometimes even put one or two new entries daily.)

PD: Yeah!!! I’m the first comment!! 😛 (not big deal in the english version I guess)

it was in a place somewhere in Odaiba.

Charles Blandford: I wrote about this around three years ago in the Spanish blog 😉 . Btw, I should translate about the kancho 😉 thx for your comments!

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