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First reviews of "A Geek in Japan"

I’m very happy to find the first reviews of my book, “A Geek in Japan”. Thank you! These are some excerpts from your reviews:

I lived in Japan for 4 years and every-time I used to step out of my house, I used to see something and wonder what that is, wonder why they do that, wonder what I should do now. A Geek in Japan is like a compilation of answers to all questions that ever crossed my mind presented in a fun, colorful and extremely addictive way. Every other page there was an A-HA moment for me.

You don’t need to be a geek at all, actually the title has little or almost nothing to do with the contents which are much much more culturish than geekish.

A geek in Japan is the best book any Japan lover could ask for. Plain and simple.

“A Geek in Japan” is one of the most versitile publications I’ve had in my hands for a long time. Readers will enjoy a gorgeous cover and page design along with truly wonderful pictures, most of them by the author, whilst reading insightful and accurate information about Japan.

Great pics and descriptions. Don’t miss it, this book will captivate you from start to finish!

It reads as a true personal experience of the country, not another tourist guide or brochure, it includes gorgeous photographs (taken by the author) and even though the word “geek” is on the title, Mr. Garcia strikes a difficult balance in the subjects he portraits, ranging from ancient traditions to the latest trends without forgetting the craziest Akihabara antics.

The narrative is fresh, fun and easy to read, while at the same time providing very complete and accurate description of a myriad of topics from the ancient traditions to the modern popular culture, and plenty of tips for travelers.

A geek in Japan is not a travel guide, but rather a way to immerse you in the Japanese culture, and therefore an essential read for anyone that really wants to enjoy a trip to Japan or learn about this wonderful country.

An unabashed Japanophile, I’ve collected a fair number of books on the country over the years, searching for that one book that would offer both decent photography and meaty content. While that’s a lot to ask, I think “A Geek in Japan” comes the closest to fitting the bill.

I’d recommend this book to anyone traveling to Japan for the first time.

Read the complete reviews here and here.

I’m also very happy to stay in the Top 20 best selling books about Japan at Amazon during the last two months! Thank you again. There was a week we were the second in the ranking!

A geek in Japan - The book

And the first in the “Most Wished” ranking πŸ™‚

A geek in Japan - The book

Thank you, I’m so happy you like it and enjoy it as much as I did while writing it!

Fuck yeah!
My stupid happy face when I found my book for the first time here at Shinjuku’s Kinokuniya

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Been following your blog for a while and was eyeing the book since it came out. Took a trip down to NYC last week and saw the book prominently displayed in NY’s Kinokuniya. I couldn’t resist it. Great book.

My wife is Japanese, we have an 8 year old daughter and try to get to Japan once a year to visit family for a couple of weeks. Mostly we’re in a more rural area an hour or so west of Nagoya, but we take lots of trips while we’re there. Very different from Tokyo, where I’ve been a couple of times.

I have ordered a book for my husband and me at Amazon, and I can not wait till the book arrives. Love your blog!


@Keith Peters thank you ! I hope you like it. Maybe the book is biased by my “Tokyo-view” of Japan, but I guess that is also good for people who like to know more about Japanese city life.

@Sandy Thank youuuuuu!

@Toshogu I will send it next week! I hope you like it!

Congrats! you deserve it. Not just because your book but because I can feel the passion when you talk about the Japanese culture, you really enjoy talking about it and people can feel it also in your book.

Currently, I am reading your book, and I LOVE it. I really DO!!! I totally agree with Lluis Gerard’s comment. I was surprised when I found out that sake means alcoholic beverage in general. Always thought that sake means rice wine. :))


Found your book today in a Paris Japanese bookshop called Junkudo. I’ll email you a picture πŸ™‚

I just found your book accidentally and bought it suddenly in Bangkok’s Kinokuniya. An exceptional book for japanophile!!:-)

congratulations on your book, i have been an avid reader of your blog, hope your book somehow makes it here in Philippines

I bought your new book and ‘Moments’ after seeing them on sale while I was on holiday in Barcelona. They are so interesting and informative! They led me to start leading your blog too which I really enjoy, I love reading about Japan. I especially enjoyed the photos, thoughts and memories in ‘Moments’. The photos are beautiful and it really evoked my own memories of Japan.
I recently started writing a blog about Japan and reading your work has inspired me to follow my dream of writing about Japanese culture.

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