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Flying panties

This is the ending scene of the second episode of an anime series called Sora no Otoshimono. In it more than a minute of flying panties is shown and soon thereafter some random planes flying. It is something really stupid/weird but I think the final result looks kind of good. I am usually bored of how monotonous and unoriginal Japanese men and women are; as a general rule they are scared of not following the path they are supposed to follow. However, there are some times when Japanese people surprise me and don’t follow the path, and when that happens then they do it to the extreme!! Like for example the authors of this anime series, they said to themselves: Mmmm… Let’s do the most WTF ending scene ever! What shall we put in it? Some panties? Flying in the sky like airplanes? Oh yeah! Sounds awesome!
Any ideas on how did they come up with such a WTF?

Video via 3yen

If your really want to understand the origin of the flying panties here you can find the first episode on YouTube.

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Well, you’re talking about a country who decided their image in the moon was rabbits making mochi… Whereas the rest of the world saw a simple smiley face. I think if one can seriously wrap their head around where that came from, one can figure out flying panties.

Sadly, I am not one of those people…

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