Human Tetris

They have been popular online for a while but the other day I came across again one of the Human Tetris videos. It is one of the events in a popular Fuji TV show that began three years ago. The events
in the show are similar to those in the popular Takeshi’s Castle. In fact many of the producers of Takeshi’s Castle work now in this new show in Fuji TV.

2 replies on “Human Tetris”

I think the one in the US looks really stupid compared to the Japanese one though it’s basically the same. Though when they do it in America I see them do 3 people trials and, I don’t think I would trust my partners to do some of them with me. Though that baby one was like..”seriously?” to me lol. The last guy was hilarious. In America the slime is a slime green πŸ˜›

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