KitKat lemon

In Japan we have many kinds of KitKat. One of the last varieties is the lemon version.

kitkat lemon chocolate

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Global food brands usually have lots of variations that are not sold in every country. Unfortunately their web sites rarely list all.

In America they have peanut butter Kit Kat, in Germany nougat.

A few years ago Kelloggs stopped selling my favourite cereal here, now I’d have to get it from Australia…

I’m not quite sure how lemon goes well on chocolate.. Or was that lemon-choco? heh

Well,,, I think I still prefer the chocolate one… What’s wrong with just tasting like choco? XD

I’m kind of confused and dumb: does that even taste like chocolate? Or just like lemon?

Lemon kitkat bars contain no chocolate, Just a wafer with a lemon coating. They are delish. I bought some from Japan through E-bay.

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