Line to Eat Pancakes and Crepes in Omotesando

Several weeks ago the first Eggs ‘n Things restaurant in Omotesando opened and since then a huge line can be frequently seen of people waiting for hours just to eat crepes and pancakes. It’s been several weeks but there’s still a lot of people lining up.

Line in Omotesando

Line in Omotesando

Line in Omotesando

Eggs 'n Things in Omotesando

Eggs 'n Things in Omotesando

I took the video vertically. It’s quite crappy!

For some reason that I still don’t fully understand Japanese people like to form huge lines: the line for the Wii launch went from Yurakucho station to near Kanda (several kilometers), and the line for the iPhone launch from Harajuku to Shibuya. Lining up for apparently trivial reasons is very frequent in Japan; however after some time you realize that most of the times there is some media appearance that explains it. For example, the pancakes of Eggs ‘n Things were featured in a TV show and one of the Akb48 girls loved them.

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Actually, that Eggs & Things opened up around 2 years ago and I went there but the line up was not that long. Seems like it’s getting more and more popular. That whip cream is worth lining up for though!

Japanese people like to follow trends in food.

I remember some years ago there was a boom of mini croissants. They were the same as normal croissants but much smaller, only about 4-5 cm long.

I had to wait 20 minutes to buy some with my wife. (She’s Japanese.) I didn’t see the point myself but it was to please her.

The mini croissants were nice but they didn’t taste any better than normal croissants.

Crazy! I also wanted to add that I heard from a forum that the new attraction Toy Story Mania at DisneySea had a posted wait time of 500minutes! I wouldn’t wait 8 hrs for a ride…

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