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Live-action Akira movie

The project to make a live-action Akira movie is progressing well. The director will be Albert Hugh (one of his last movies was The Book of Eli) and the screenwriter will be Albert Torres. The movie will be based on the first three volumes of the manga, and in the future maybe there will be a sequel following the rest of the volumes. The truth is that I don’t have much expectations about the movie, but at least let’s hope it’s not as bad as the Hollywood adaptation of Dragon Ball

live-action Akira movie

live-action Akira movie

live-action Akira movie

live-action Akira movie
Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the candidates to take part in the movie, although nothing has been confirmed yet.

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hahahaha the original movie is great but this will be nothing! do they really think they can outfilm Katsuhiro Ohtomo? they couldnt even do ringu right!

dicaprio?? get the eff out of here…he needs to be asian, period. There arent enough asian actors out there. Give a new guy a chance!
maybe peter wong?

My respect and Greetings of Peace to All.

Listen, with all due respects….I and my closets friends have loved this movie since we were 13; we are now all in our 30s. Lived by the mentality and spirit of this piece of art. Like Dragonball Z….horrified…awful.
To star american actors in a true Japanese classic…worst than soggy frosted flakes. Its Japanese culuture & soul. Do not ruin this for the True fans, the great reviews will come, from old die hard fans and based off of its authenticity! Do tamper with a growing tulip, it will die if torn from its stem. Use all Japanese actors especially Tetsuo’s girlfriend. Stay Real, my gosh why are ppl affraid to take a chance on Truth, anything other than an All Japanese cast is as meaningful as tofu to Real Meat…Please stay True, a wonderful thing to see this dream come to life. By the way the Bike looks Fantasic, good wheels and a wet sweet paint job. Some one should really sell the makings of the bike to a successful manufacturer!! By the way on the whole american cast, I’am American and still say money is all green the skin tone of a American European cast has nothing of importance to the Face of Reality~28 out Some day we will Be…**

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