Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa is a 21 years old Hokkaido girl and her “blood” is French-Canadian-Japanese. I think she has the perfect balance of asian-caucasian mix in her face, is just perfect. She was a bikini model and idol but she moved to the AV industry. What do you think, is that bad or good? 😉

During a 2007 interview, Ozawa reported that her interest in the AV industry remains high, and her video cabinet contains nothing but AVs. She makes a good living from the industry, living in a mansion (a high-class apartment) with a US$1,682-per-month rent, and earning a minimum of $8,000 per month. However, while she says that she would quit the industry only if she is forced to do something else, she would try to prevent a friend from beginning work in the AV industry. Ozawa’s family and friends are against her chosen profession in spite of her apparent pride in her work. When she brought several of her videos home to show her parents, they refused to watch them and told her to get out. Read more











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when you say AV industry, you mean porn? Or just herself in bikini crushing trains with her feet? :p Anyway, she’s hot, although she doesn’t have a huge breasts as usual Japanese Icons.


WHY? you were already looking for it? No, AV is Audio Visual, right?

Nice pictures, but in some of them she looks quite like a different person than in the others. Make up issues, I guess…

av is adult video, isn’t it?
But who cares , she si really cute (not hot, i mean cute),
My favorite from now on.

It seems to be more “Adult Video” than “Audio visual”, don’t you think so?

Anyway, I don’t find her hot enough to pose like that; she’s not even cute!

she’s even hotter after you read her wikipedia page! she likes watching and working in porn! some of the video descriptions she’s been in are pretty hardcore.

yes to clear the question AV also stands for Adult Videos.
…I saw some of her videos, Pretty hot 😛
man those Japanese guys don’t know how to work the girl, they should get some western guy in there to do the job xD

She looks different from other I’d like to be with her In one night. She has been my fantacy for so long. the Japanese icon. help me to find her! coz I love her so much!

maria ozawa is one hot sexy gal that i would love to put my dick inside of her and make her scream for more.

hi maria ozawa..
u r very beutiful..can u sent me some video sex at email?
ur body make me nervous,i like it..

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Whatever the case may be, despite her being involved with such shockingly demoralizing sloppy moment that could rival the 2 Girls 1 Cup video, no one can still compare to Maria Ozawa’s enticing mixed race beauty, milky white skin, and sinfully delightful body. She practically has the face of an angel and a body designed by the devil. And no man can resist watching her in action during those cold lonely nights.

maria …. hun …. forget what everyone else says. you just need to spend more time on your knees, boobs out, cock in mouth like a good girl

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