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Eneko Alonso shares his schedule with everyone, he wakes up everyday at 5:00h, that’s really early! But he can leave work around 15:00h. Here there is my prototype schedule during the week:

  • 9:00h – Wake up
  • 9:40h – Commute
  • 10:00h – Work
  • 12:00h – Lunch break
  • 13:00h – Work
  • 19:00h – Commute
  • 19:30h – Dinner
  • 20:00h – Procrastinate, personal projects, study and read
  • 1:15h – Sleep

In Tokyo most of the people start working around 9 or 10AM. It’s pretty late, but some people here live really far from their workplace. One of my work-mates lives two hours by train from hour offices. What do you prefer, start before and finish before or sleep until late?

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Absolutely I would start earlier and end earlier. Start at say 7 and end at 3. Of course not everyone can or wants to – and your boss sets the time table of course.

I’ve heard that in some areas in Europe, they are trying a system in which some people can opt to either start early and end early, or start quite late and end really late. I think it’s called “the B society”, for people who want to start late and end late.

I leave home at 6.30, i commute by train and get to work at 8.15. I leave work between 6 and 8 each night, add the 1 1/2 / 1 3/4 hrs to get home and most nights i wlak through the door between 8 and 10 …. i squeeze a qucik bite to eat in on the way home.

I do the travel each day because i prefer to live in a better area than i work.

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