Next Japanese prime minister is an otaku

Yesterday the Japanese prime minister resigned. Abe will not be anymore the prime minister and will probably be substituted by Aso, a man who declares himself as a manga and anime fan. He reads around 10-20 weekly manga magazines, he did political speeches in Akihabara and he is a Rozen Maiden otaku. He likes so much Rozen Maiden that his nickname is “Rozen Aso”.

Reading Technorati News I found that since yesterday manga and anime business related company stock prices are rising very fast, because having an Otaku prime minister is good news for them. Examples of manga and anime related companies benefiting from “good” political news are: Mandarake, Ghibli, Kodansha, Shueisha, Bandai, Toei animation, Gentousha etc. An otaku is gonna govern the second most rich country in the world!

“Rozen Aso” will probably be the next prime minister in Japan.

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