Preparing instant noodles

“Instant noodles” are pretty common in Asia and USA but they are pretty unknown in Europe, don’t know why. “Instant noodles” where invented by Momofuku Ando, the founder of Nissin, the biggest instant noodles producer in the world.

“Instant noodles” are not a very healthy food, but what the heck! They are really useful when you are tired after a long day. It’s one of those things I love about living in Japan, and I really miss instant noodles when I’m in Spain for holidays.

Many noodle varieties.

This what you get when you pay.


The ingredients.

Just pour some hot water. Wait some minutes and…

Final result.

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You good sir have succeeded in making me hungry for instant noodles… and the chances of finding something that ISN’T Top Ramen in Miami is slim.

We have a lot of instant noodles here in the U.S., mainly towards the west side. Do the noodles in Japan come with chopsticks, I know they sometimes come with little plastic forks but not chopsticks.

xman, Adriaan, Aitor: it seems there are official distributors in Germany and UK. If you want instant noodles somewhere else you need to go to specialized shops. Try to find noodles in Spain… they are not “common”.

ale/pepino: looking forward to watch your video!

AS: usually you don’t get the chopsticks with the cup, but if you buy it in a supermarket or convenience store they will give you the chopsticks.

Now there are so many instant food around … instant porridge, instant noodles, they even have instant mashed potatoes.

It will be not too soon before they come up with a chirstmas dinner than only takes 5 min.

I know the instant noodles in the vending machine at my job used to come with sporks. The day the venders made us fend for ourselves in terms of plasticware was the day of war. Snickers and Monterey Jack chicken burritos flew everywhere and no one was safe.

Ok. I made up the whole idea of weapons of mass digestion thing, but it stunk how they stopped adding in the sporks.

What’s that nifty hot water machine called? I looked on Amazon for 電気ケトル but it wasn’t among them.

[…] One of the first things you notice when you arrive to Japan (Or any other Asian country) is that there are lots of people crouching on the streets. For me, and most of my European friends it’s very difficult to squat during more than one minute, but Asian people seem to have an special ability. Many times you can even see groups of friends crouching and eating noodles while chatting and relaxing. I could never relax in that position! […]

Ihih, I’m from Portugal and I can find Instant Noddles in every hipermarket…. infortunely they are very very gross….

It’s really yucky and makes me almost vomit…

But when you taste the “good ones”, omg, so good *___*

I have some at home. Here in Belgium the most common are Aiki Noodles. I presume you all know those, but I haven’t seen any other kinds in the supermarkets here. They’re pretty tasty too! I prefere the Curry :p

Hi there! I’d like to recommend to you our Red Chopsticks brand functional instant noodles – a healthier option for those who love to eat instant noodles but just wish they weren’t so darn unhealthy! Our instant noodles are fried in rice bran oil (one of the healthiest oils out there), have no MSG, lower sodium, no trans-fat. We’ve got the Power Bowl, Beauty Bowl, Kid Bowl, and Green Bowl. This line of functional instant noodles are totally new. They’re due to launch here in Thailand next month. I’d love to hear some comments about what you think about our concept! Thanks!

Instant noodles got popular in Britain because a British company produced their own called “Pot Noodle”, also another company made “Super Noodles” which come in a packet like the Demae ones in Japan. There’s a few other brands now but I think the Chinese/Japanese ones you can buy in specialist shops are nicer. Super noodles are especially bad!

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