Security for the G8 summit

These last days I’m noticing LOTS of extra security measures in Tokyo, even though the G8 summit is in Hokkaido (1.000 km away from Tokyo). I’ve seen many police, some streets with extra security controls, and even some areas in Shibuya and Shinjuku where traffic was cut for some reason.

Here there are two posters that can be seen in many places since last week.

sign terrorism

sign terrorism

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i can’t throw anything away! but everyone else leaves the train station and just leaves their trash all over the closed trash bins. it’s a mess. i’m near kyoto and there are TONS of security papers lol. because paper is how to stop terrorism. haha. and thanks for the post… i had been wondering why hokkaido had the biggest dot on the map.

How stupid do i feel ….. i’ve monitored all these security issues and notice they are due to relax them soon … i also knew the G8 summit as in town but i didn’t actually put the 2 together !! … I’ll be glad when G8 is over …. pain in the bum getting rid of rubbish on the romance car each day.

I thought the whole thing with terrorism is that you don’t know who, what, when, where or how it’s going to happen? These “security measures” seems pretty useless…unless someone knows for sure that something is going to happen…

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