Japanese girls love “pika pika” (Shiny) stuff. They love things covered with “swarovski”, specially since two years ago covering your mobile phone with them is considered very trendy.

I took two pictures with many objects totally covered with crystals. Can you recognize the gadgets?

swarovski moda

swarovski moda

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There are a psp and an ipod on the first picture, and some mobile, I dont know. On the second, I’m clueless. Maybe a zippo on the bottom?

cellphones zippos, car model and a pistol on the bottom.

man look at those Asian Female Bling-blings….

There was this commercial I saw a couple years back selling shiny stickers called Bling It On. YouTube addy below.

You’ll notice how the soccer mom in this ad confirm how the word “bling” jumped the shark.

wow!! that’s a lot of Bling!!!

the first one i see, a white nintendo ds lite, a PSP, an iPod, and three other cellphones that are beyond recognition!!!

i must say, im a girl, but that’s too much bling for me (^_^) but i like the ds. i want my ds to be covered up like that but with a star instead of a heart

i just love those mobile phone with pika-pika..
anywy..can i know where we should find the pika-pika only..i wanna buy it..for my phone..LOVE IT

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