Kiranet featured on G4TV

Found out through Japanprobe that this blog was featured on g4tv, what seems to be an American cable TV channel. It was not only me, Japanprobe, Dannychoo and Japanator were also featured. Is interesting to listen my name with an “american english” accent.

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This is how I found the site in the first place, what a find it was!

y yo puedo leer la versión Español tambein! 😀

Same here. found out by G4. This is a cool site.
Theres alot of of people that can read this is Spanish. =)

Same and hey free paplisity (ugh spelling on the Wii so much fun lol) yeah love the blog some of the apsolute best photo work I’ve seen of japan.

I brought your book in forbidden planet in London, I was always obsessed with Japan and this blog is so perfect. 🙂

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