Three minutes around Shinagawa

I was bored before a meeting in Shinagawa and recorded this video. The video lacks major interest, it simply depicts the bustling atmosphere near Shinagawa station in a normal weekday.

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Oh wow. I was in Shinagawa last March/April. While not alot to see, so close to the station. So, I walked that route every day! Thanks! Brought back some fond memories of my first trip to Tokyo/Japan. And not my last. πŸ™‚

Calgary, Canada

Nice, somehow you caught the mood of the place (the air, the light). Kinda immersive. I was never there and it brings that nice feeling of a first walk in a completely alien and unknown place.

I’ve been there! When you go in the corridor after McDonalds you will soon be near Shinagawa Prince Hotel, where I lived for 2 days. πŸ˜€

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