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“Uchimizu” is a Japanese tradition in which you have to sprinkle water on the floor. The main purpose of this tradition is to refresh the ambient during the hot summer.

How to “uchimizu”. From

My grandmother does exactly the same back in Spain, she usually sprinkles water on the streets around our home. In Spain we also have “Uchimizu” !, the difference is that Japanese made a tradition from it, they named it, and they even have festivals where the main purpose is to throw water around you.

Dannychoo went to one of those Uchimizu festivals、it was a special festival because all the participants had to be wearing meido uniform. Normally, you are supposed to wear more traditional clothing, like “yukata” or “jinbei”, but in Akihabara you can except anything:



Danny keeping the security distance.

More pictures at Dannychoo’s site and a website with the explanation of how you should do “uchimizu”.

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What a absolutely brilliant idea. So I suppose no one in Japan has figured out the link with moisture in the atmosphere and why it’s so darn humid there!

[…] Posted by Jordan on August 17th, 2007 There’s a blog I found recently ( by this guy who is from Spain but has been living in Japan.  His entries consist of stories of his adventures in the foreign country and of the bizarre/interesting things that he finds about the culture.  Being intrigued by the culture myself, I happen to find his blog very captivating.  He recently posted about “uchimizu,” a festival during which everyone dresses up and throws water around.  He also posted this video of a Japanese public wave pool. […]

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