Unattended Luggage in Japan

When Japanese people ask me for advice before going to Spain, the first thing I tell them is to always watch out for their belongings, to not leave their phone or wallet on the table in a restaurant or cafeteria, to always have their bags closed, etc.

Here in Japan we never worry about this stuff. Notice for example the first picture, the suitcase and the bag belong to the man having dinner inside the restaurant.

Unattended Luggage

Unattended Luggage

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Sure, but I follow another blog of a person who lives in Japan who has had his apartment burglarized and just returned from a trip to find his motorcycle stolen.

I never used to worry about it in Japan until one day, walking down Aoyama-dori of all places, I saw a guy taking the wallet out of a woman’s bag. She noticed and started screaming what I imagine was “thief, thief”, but everyone (yours truly included) was so unprepared for such an event that he simply ran across the avenue into the subway system.

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