A GEEK IN JAPAN book giveaway!

My book A GEEK IN JAPAN will officially go on sale from the 9th of June. The book is a great deal and you can get it for around US$13 dollars on or B&

The good news is that we are giving away 10 copies of my books for FREE to people sharing a link to: or

on their Facebook walls, Twitter or Blogs. The top 10 people who get the most “likes” on their Facebook walls containing a message with a link to my book, or more “retweets” of their tweets, or more “comments” on their blog posts will be chosen as the winners of this giveaway.

Suggestions on how to get more likes are to post a message on your wall with a Japanese photo, a quote or whatever, and recommend my book at the end with a link to: or

Anyone living in the USA, Canada, Singapore can participate.

The first prize will be a pack containing my book A GEEK IN JAPAN and these three other amazing books by Tuttle Publishing:

BEGINNING JAPANESE by Michael Kluemper et al
THE COMPLETE BOOK OF SUSHI by Hideo Dekura et al
TOKYO ON FOOT by Florent Chavouet

The next 9 people with the most likes/retweets/comments will get a copy of my book A GEEK IN JAPAN for free! You have until 15th of June to participate.

Please comment on this message if you want to participate and I will follow how many likes you get on your wall post about my book.

Good luck!

(You are free to attached your Amazon Affiliate ID to the link 😉 )

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done! love your stuff… there is so much to learn and following you and your life over there makes it alot easier.. thanks for sharing your life…

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