Barbecue with panoramic views

I while ago I was in a barbecue somewhere around east Tokyo and the most impressive thing were the “super nice romantic views” we could enjoy eating and drinking:

It fascinates me how Japanese are able to elevate highways everywhere, sometimes it helps a lot to ease traffic in Tokyo and Osaka. But there are some extremes that I don’t really like, some exaggerations, like when they put highways on top of rivers to save space! This is what happened for example at Nihonbashi, where they build a highway on top of a beautiful river with a beautiful bridge and now it looks like…. after many years it seems they want to get rid of the highway and put it underground, we will see. These are some more pictures I took during the barbecue:

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Did you notice the Dragon Ball girl in the video at the beginning of this post?

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I know the food is great in Japan. Didn’t know there r avid bbq’r also. Oh yea. BBQ & beer.

I remember the first time I visited Tokyo and the Asakusa and Nihonbashi. I also was surprised that they would put the expressway above not only the river, but a beautiful historic bridge.

I live right by that expressway, it’s super noisy at night and now it’s getting hot it’s soooo bad with the window open. Hope they put it underground soon. There are a load of homeless people living under it though.

That’s exactly what most of Ōsaka City looks like (especially up in the northeast, near Asahi Ward).

The big difference, though, is that most of the waterways in Ōsaka are not natural but canals.

Do canals count? A lot of them have been around for 100s of years.

How are those boats suppose to get under those bridges? We’re they left there from before the express way was put in?

Going underground might be effective but it’s always costly, look what the Big Dig did to Boston.

what’s so bad about this? going vertical is so efficient!

the river/canal is still there, there’s grass/bushes/trees on each side, & everything is nice & straight/rectangular

sound is the main issue, some dampening technique should be used, or just have walls on the side of the highway bridge

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