Random pictures

I bring you here some more pictures that were waiting to be published but don’t deserve a post on their own. I hope you like them.

House without windows
House without windows

This one has windows but the balcony is somewhat weird.

Takeshi Kitano ad
Kitano Takeshi ad in Shibuya.

Advertising for a chain of okonomiyaki restaurants. For those studying Japanese, can you find the pun?

Polygonal house
I was walking randomly around Tokyo streets and bumped into the polygonal house!

AKB48 section in a shop. AKB48 is one of the most popular idol music bands in Japan at the moment.

Don't get drunk
Don’t get drunk and cause trouble in the subway.

Curious house facade
Curious house facade.

Yoyogi-Hachiman in Tokyo in the moonlight.

Don't know
I don’t know exactly what it is. We found it in west Tokyo.

A state of the art electronic dictionary. It is an ideal device to learn Japanese!

Ginza station
Ginza station, without people!

Turfy merchandising
Turfy merchandising stall; I think it is a horse races mascot. If somebody knows something about Turfy let us know.

Aquarius advertising
Aquarius Vitamin Guard advertising in the subway. I think this kind of Aquarius is only sold in Japan.

Crappy bus stop
Another crappy bus stop

Unkempt house in Tokyo
Unkempt buildings in Tokyo downtown. Notice that the light post is also falling apart. It’s not difficult to find some parts of Japanese cities that look like they have been abandoned.

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Great pictures. My guess for the 10th one is an incinerator for (hopefully non dioxin producing) construction waste. Seems to be mostly wood and other vegetable matter.

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