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Real size dolls

The weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in Akihabara are used panties vending machines. But Dannychoo found something even more weird, a place where you can buy pretty realistic dolls with big boobs. If you want one of these “beautiful android women” it will cost you more than 500.000 yen. Usually these dolls are sold on the Internet but Danny found a showroom and took some really cool pictures.

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Yeah, this is among the creepiest things I’ve known about Japan. I wonder if I will ever get to know any “doll lover” who would let me see his doll IRL. It must be even a creepier experience than watching these pictures.

[…] You have got to be kidding me. According to this article some academic type( ahem, oh yeah I’m one as well, oh well, nevermind) by the name of David Levy has written a thesis (Intimate Relationships with Artificial Partners) about how one day humans will marry cyborgs..yup, cyborgs. Now, to my understanding, there are people out there who are currently living with dolls, treating them as their life/soul/sex mates, but cyborgs? Why can’t these guys just go out there and find themselves a real life partner? I will never, ever resort to purchasing a doll or a cyborg for a girlfriend/wife, I’m not that DESPERATE, and real life women are far more interesting when compared to a walking,talking computer. […]

What If everybody suddenly thought that realistic sex dolls were theraputic and cool..Its usually mostly masturbation with someone pretty to kiss..Would it not eventually make real women pursue men and stop playing so hard to get.
It is going that way.
Opposed to Chasing real ones that need condoms. that Can be very itchie. without wearing them.Dolsome ls are virginal and they dont need them.
These dolls are beautiful and they dont talk or have periods or even have an opinion and you dont have to tolerate their mother-in-laws or give them half of what you bloodywell own if you get tired of them.They will be very grateful for nice clothes and some jewelry and they dont get jealous of other dolls..

EnglishJohn living in California.

EnglishJohn I have to disagree, sooner or later people get bored with those dolls, since they don’t talk. Won’t you ever feel lonely? or are you saying all guys are as shallow as that? Sure we have periods, and sure we have nagging mother-in-laws and in general we’re very imperfect. So are men.
Nobody is perfect. Women may pursue men more.. or they could just go get male dolls themselves. After all, the reason they were hard to get in the first place was because they wanted to make sure they’d be with a guy who wouldn’t cheat on them with several different women, they usually search for love.
Why the hell wouldn’t we get jealous? Are you saying you wouldn’t if your girlfriend was being flirted by another man? Not saying you do have a girlfriend, but just picture that for a second.
I don’t hate dolls at all, in fact i love them, so its definitely not an issue of disliking dolls, it’s disliking how some people view them as a great alternative to spite women/men. Liking dolls is how i found this site.


Gosh, EnglishJohn, how could a man be expected to tolerate a woman with an OPINION… sheesh, that’s just asking too much!

If you don’t like women, you don’t deserve one. That’s why you’ll die old and alone… unless you make enough money to attract a parasite to marry you.

The same goes for women who constantly gripe about men… if you dislike men so much you simply don’t deserve one.

Men and women are different. Our differences usually match up pretty nicely though, if you stop bitching long enough to see it. Just like everything else in life, you have to give a little to get a little. Whether it’s friendship or career partnerships or relationships, you have to have empathy and compromise to really get anywhere. This is such a childishly simple notion… but many people are too stubborn and self-absorbed to understand it even when it’s right under their noses.

If you dislike the opposite sex so much you would prefer to have sexual relations with inanimate objects, you deserve to be alone and miserable.!!
what the HELL has the world cum2?? those japs r serisouly fucked up in the head..jus fuking look 4 prostitutes if ur that desperate!! 4 fucks sake…disgusting…fuking sick bastard creeps!! eww

Women shouldn’t have a say in this, who let the witch in? Anyway, this IS a MAN’S affair. Married men are forced to say whatever their wives tell them to say. If it weren’t for her controlling his every decision, he would probably admit that these dolls are a great new invention and a step foward. These dolls have the potential to stop “child abuse”, “incest”, “loneliness”, and many other disturbing things you can think of that torture human society today. Yet, some people like the world the way it is. Life, it can’t be helped. I’m going to buy one of these dolls, they look like fun. It’s not a waste of money, dating a whore is a waste of money.

I prefer weirdos doing it with dolls rather than with real underaged girls or even animals….or dead people for that matter.

Let them have fun with dolls. They maybe could do way worse things than that.

BTW. Inflateble sex dolls exist since many many years; why is this suddenly so shocking to some of you guys? It was crystal clear that someone would make dolls like that sooner or later.

EnglishJohn, I have to say you make an EXCELLENT point. Indeed. In fact, have come to a GREAT “revelation,” if you will, from your point! So thank you.

However, the point you are making has absolutely nothing to do with the dolls… as none of what you’ve said above is a fact.

haha.. the only point I’m talking about is the point that you make it so obvious that you’re a miserable, lonely poor man with no proper sense of direction and therefore must turn to inanimate objects. lol

All i have to say is this, the population is Japan is a big issue! No one seems to reproduce.. at all. Why?

Well, because of the same beliefs that EnglishJohn here has. Sheer ignorance and flaunt of his faulty views.

Look it up on Youtube, someone JUST LIKE HIM (but Japanese) prefers dolls because he’s not adequate enough for a real human being. So he isn’t married… he just collects these things.. and *has a visual of his lonely body mounting unto theirs as he talks sexually to them* GAHH! O.o;;

Er… moving on now…

On another note, in Japane.. when couples are married.. they scarcely ever ‘make love’ to each other.. instead, they have sex with prositutes on the streets (who are on BCP; so, no reproduction) and the wives can easily sell themselves too, so they too are on BCP)

so there you have it, if we keep turning to just satifying selfish side of sex and not truly valuing what lovemaking is really all about.. then… our very existance will fall apart.

And for good reason, too.

Excuse my typos. I was writing too fast.

Here’s the video of the guy though. Man, he’s 45 years old…

this really makes me sad. u.u;; poor dude. *sighs*

“They’re an increasing amount of men in Japan doing this.. “

maaan if someone can find a way to trust anouther human..let them have their sex dolls..eventually it wont feel that great since you have to do everything yourself. have fun! >XD

actually in all respects i think these dolls would be cool just to have and for a bachelor to keep in his closet for when he wants that company..i think its only wrong if someone cant connect with other people and depends on a doll for companionship

not all women are naggy or hard to be with keep looking for the rite woman for you.Judging a whole gender based on a few bad apples is insulting.coming from a girl of course :3

Isn’t it amazing that a woman (real) can own twelve different vibrators of various colors and sizes, a triple ripple butt plug, nipple clamps and suction devices, experiment in college with lesbian love, be the guest of honor at a fraternity gang bang, screw everything in a biker bar, have consensual sex with a homosexual friend just to prove he is not gay, have multiple abortions from one night stands, complain bitterly about how men are lower life forms to her girlfriends because they are not all richer than Prince Charles and she deserves better after being divorced twice due to her infidelity, collecting alimony for life, receiving two homes from the divorce settlements and now wants to complain they can’t find a good man because a decent man would rather have sex with an inanimate sexual surrogate than subject themselves to your self serving machinations. Brothers, thank the people who give us options other than a fist.

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